We all sense our dreams speaking to us, waking and tracing the possible meanings as we move through our days…

Almost all cultures, across seas and time, have regarded dreams as guides for unmapped spiritual, emotional, and physical – even cultural – territories.
~ Jill Mellick

Dream Follow Do is all about listening to your dreams.
It’s about soul or spirit leading the way, and about connecting with creativity.
It’s about inner knowing as trustworthy guide, and dreams as divination process.
And it’s about doing what needs to be done – especially if it means making art.

My name is Katharine and I’m yer main host here at Dream Follow Do.
Some of my earliest memories from way back when I was a wee thing are dreams, and I’ve been paying attention to my dreams, keeping a dream journal, for about 30 years now.
Some years back I was offered a job at a very prestigious institution in my field.
I was very excited, but I hadn’t even started yet when I had a dream…
In the dream I’m at a meeting with several other people from this institution, and when it is my turn to speak, I stand up and begin to pull open drawers of pencils, crayons, markers, and spill them all over the floor, making a huge mess.

The job did not turn out to be a great fit for me, and soon after I began to return to my first love: drawing & painting. Now – some years later – I find myself in my wee art studio surrounded by drawers and drawers filled with pencils, crayons, markers… and they make me very very happy.
That dream is just one example of the many times that I’ve found dreams to be my most reliable guide, my most trusted compass.

As a dreamer, I’ve taken courses and workshops with
Robert Moss
Toko-Pa Turner
Bill St.Cyr & Sue Scavo
The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Sandra Ingerman

I did my Master’s Thesis on Dreams in Film (a bit of a cross-cultural study) at York University – if you’d like to have a look at that or know more about my day job as a film and television editor, follow these links – thesis & editing)

As an artist, I graduated with distinction from Concordia University with a degree in Inter-Related Arts, and I am always taking courses and workshops to develop specific skills and learn new techniques. For a glimpse of my portfolio, you can follow this link

My personal blog, Follow Your Nose, can be found here.